Studio days

It's been a long time since I made a regular routine of working in the studio. Before having it fully insulated and organized, I would duck in there for as little time as possible. It was cold. The crappy insulation in the roof had a terrible smell to it. The ceiling lights were a fire waiting to happen. But, last year, I grew tired of driving to paint in the mountains and decided to make the studio more functional. I re-organized the storage, replaced the insulation and had the room re-wired. I made a small series of paintings I was happy with, and am now onto a series of medium-large ones.

My goal is to average four days a week in the studio. This is a modest goal on purpose. It could increase in the future but I know I can do it with my other responsibilities. Before now I haven't embraced starting small and working steadily, choosing instead to react more to my overall life schedule and take what I could get. But now I know the former is the key to success. You have to build habits around your work, even humble habits, to make them stick and to progress.

InspirationChris Kannen