Two bluebird days

Despite several home and work obligations, recent consecutive bluebird days with fresh snow on the ground was irresistible. I drove up Golden Gate Canyon to the Peak to Peak Highway, then back down via Gap Road, making seven paintings along the way. The wind was blowing, the roads were empty and the sky was clear. The paintings weren't great. They were pushed a little too far and my selection of subject matter wasn't honed in. Generally I felt restless. A few moments early in each painting felt new and different. I would have stopped there and moved on but I didn't have the patience or discipline.

Day two was shorter in duration. I made five paintings again from the drivers' seat along the poorly-named Squaw Pass Road between Evergreen and Echo Lake. Again, very restless. After awhile, sitting in the car gets old and I am ready to make these bigger paintings on canvas in the studio. I'm also just not getting the color right on the shadows on snow. They are too black and need more BIV, blue indigo violet. Need to buy more colors...

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