12 Days in the Studio

I wanted this blog to be a daily log of making work (or not), but the funny thing is the more I work, the less I write about it. This month I was in the studio five days a week for two weeks straight, then a couple more days to start this week. A very modest but consistent stretch. A real artist would laugh at this! But with my erratic schedule and other priorities it feels like I started a new job. This stretch helped me transition to a more studio-based routine. The past few years I've been in there sporadically, depending on the temperature. Now with the insulation it's actually kinda cozy. I'm also tired of driving over an hour round-trip to make a painting. For awhile this was exciting and I've explored so much of the local Front Range doing it! But making work on the daily will require a more home-based routine, and this is the start.

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