Rocky Mountain National Park

What it takes to get up to the park for a full day of work: an hour or two of planning and prep the night before, a perfect weather window, H in school and K otherwise on duty, and some forethought as to what I want to do up there. Wednesday was that day. I woke up at 5:30 and was out the door at 6. The day broke slow, dark and gray. This bummed me out as I exited north Boulder on 36 to see nothing but low-slung clouds. Where was the sunny and 40 forecast? Well, at just the elevation of Estes, everything opened up to a normal winter day, albeit kinda warm.

Strong wind kept me in the Element most of the day and I cranked out eight and half paintings. I nearly ran out of paint, and also out of energy. Each image needs something more, but I was pleased with how everything felt - I didn't feel rushed or stressed, just taking it all in and taking down what I could with the material.