Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Left the house with the intention of putting in a session on a Bear Peak painting from South Cherryvale, but the hill was socked in, the light diffuse at best. Instead I drove up Coal Creek Canyon, trying to get above the murkiness. Sure enough, Gap Road and GGCSP were blanketed in snow with sunlight pouring across uninterrupted. Temps in the teens, maximum brightness and glare. The snow abstracts the landscape and sharpens the shadows. My favorite days! I made four watercolors from the car. Two turned out to my liking. My overall mood and level of focus was solid all morning, which is rare enough for appreciation regardless of painted results.

Afterwards I hiked up to City Lights Ridge from Bridge Creek, casually running down. My left IT band is driving me nuts. No problem when moving, but a dull tightness the rest of the day. Some day I will figure this all out.