Anthem and Boulder Canyon

After skipping a couple weeks of writing about these activities, I realize the weekly summary format is not working for me. I need to get back to the daily logs... Today I drove northwest to an anonymous park on the edge of the newest suburban sprawl. The autumn weather was typically spectacular and offered up the Front Range's quintessential 100-mile view. The wind and exposure to traffic and such made working out of the car unattractive, so I made an 8 x 10 inch painting from the driver seat. The painting was borderline boring, but I decided to live with it and keep the mood positive.

Drove into Boulder, bought a burrito, then continued up Boulder Canyon looking for a place to paint something that could be framed by the car window itself, like a Friedlander. I ended up parking on a large pull-out on the eastbound side, near the river and a permanent-looking RV encampment. The second painting was larger than the first, but I chose to make it in the car like the previous one, for the same reasons stated above. Obviously this is not an ideal choice and poses some ergonomic challenges, but I think I have a handle on them and actually feel sorta comfortable with the setup at this point. The main difference from previous driver seat paintings was this was oil paint instead of watercolor, requiring a little more focus on tidiness so as not to fuck up the interior too much!

I have to be happy with these results considering how little painting I've done this summer. That said, the deeper lesson is the results are not what matters, or rather, what I need to worry about (thanks BK). The most important thing to worry about is maintaining the momentum of the process. And the response I have to the sense of direction I set forth with the work is the priority. In other words, follow my thoughts and instincts to paint, then move on to the next.