Week of September 5th

Monday, September 5th No work.

Tried to run from Frisco to Breckenridge and back, but my IT band started bothering me as I closed in on Peak 7 in Breckenridge so I rode the gondola into town, bought a couple donuts and a coffee at Daylight Donuts and called K for a ride.

Tuesday, September 6th

No work.

Wednesday, September 7th

Got a proper 6:30 start and drove up Boulder Canyon to the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway and eventually Wild Basin and the Longs trailhead. I visited a total of six trailheads and made four watercolors.

It was about two hours of painting time, and probably double that in driving time. But I gave myself permission to do that much driving as I have been meaning to explore various subalpine locations and options along this road for a long time. The paintings were just OK. Still seeking a spot I can return to again and again. Is this mythical place just in my mind?

Wild Basin was still the best spot, the rest I can leave be (Hessie: nice if you hike far enough; Fourth of July: beautiful but longer drive up a rough road; Mud Lake: promising but I didn't leave the parking lot; Caribou Ranch: didn't get out of the car; Wild Basin: amazing; Longs: ditto.)

Thursday, September 8th

Worked for 60-90 minutes on a 22 x 30 inch watercolor of Bear Peak from South Cherryvale Road. This is the third painting of this size I have made from this position, a flat, straight-on view of the bulky hill. Somehow I was able to complete the previous two in just two sessions, whereas this one has taken three and needs a fourth. I was greeted by an older woman with giant sunglasses riding by on an low-ride electric bike, jacket flowing in the wind.

Friday, September 9th

Worked for 90 minutes on three watercolors on Shanahan Ridge. Not too pleased with the results but the day got off on the wrong foot when I left my running shoes at home, requiring a change to the itinerary. It all worked out but my mood was miserable and each painting went off the rails in a different direction. Anyway, they got made and a run was eventually run, albeit back in Denver from home to City Park and back.

City Park reminds of Daniel Heidkamp's earlier work in Central Park. Spacious and sparsely populated, big shade trees casting strong shadows across the grass, mulch and gravel. Can I find an equivalent?

Went to the DAM with Erika, Tracy, their friend Jamie, and the kids. The dance show had some interesting paintings. Kids couldn't get enough of the Dance Lab and the Warhol mylar balloon room. The Warhol room really gives you the sensation of zero g. A melancholy Pavlova-Yo-Yo Ma piece emanated from an adjacent video, casting the floating mylar pillows as actors in some sort of sad, sci-fi future.

We reconvened for Tracy's opening at Visions West. He cranked these out! 20 new paintings and they all looked great.