South Cherryvale Outcropping

Dropped off the girls, stopped at the store for a few watercolor tubes, then went to my usual spot on Cherryvale to paint a third big painting of Bear Peak. Only this time with a slight variation - instead of sitting in the car parked on the gravel pullout, I hopped the fence on the east side of the street, scrambled across the irrigation canal, and walked up an outcropping about 50 feet above the road to a sandstone shelf. Nice view! Shady and flat. Painted for a couple minutes and realized I forgot to buy one of the key colors for this picture. What's with my memory this week? Worked for an hour anyway then just left all my stuff on the ground and drove to town, the second Meininger's visited today, thirty minutes later returning to the spot. Worked another hour or so on the Bear Peak image as well as one looking in a northerly direction towards Longs. Just OK.

More and more I'm realizing the 100% en plein air phase is waning. I need to move the work forward, combining the outdoor experiences and observations with other approaches. Inspiration in this regard might be Marsden Hartley and Beau Carey, among many others.


The Twinrocker paper - I wanted to love it, but I think it's too thin. I like these 22 x 30 sheets to feel stiff as a board. This sheet buckled and was waving around. It also felt really soft to the touch of the brush, something slow about the paint application. Will need another few sessions to really make a judgement.

Rough traffic everywhere today. A hot and sunny Friday and everyone gets in their cars I guess.

Working time ~ 2 hours