South Boulder, Etc.

Still feel like I'm caught in a low, but got close to three hours of painting in today around Superior and south Boulder. After delivering H and working for an hour or so at the coffee shop, I headed north. Weather again perfect; difficult to feel down for long with this weather and these views. I started just west of Rocky Mountain Airport with two watercolors of Longs and Green. The one of Green turned out better. Ran for 30 minutes or so up the Eldorado Canyon Trail (steep!) then made a quick sketch of the creek looking back down canyon. This is an extremely complicated-looking place, vertiginous rock walls pitched at wild angles in every direction. I was painting in the car parked in a pullout on the wrong side of the shelf road when a ranger told me to move (in the nicest way possible). Rocks have been falling there lately. I looked up and pictured a boulder bouncing down, punching my car over the ledge like a cue ball.

Got lunch in town and had hopes of starting a larger watercolor of Bear Peak from my usual spot on Cherrydale but a big haze had moved in. Wildfires? I scooted up to NCAR instead and made one last painting from under the trees on the mesa, looking north. Not bad!

Working time ~2.5 hours