Sugarloaf Mountain

H in school all day and no driving required on my part. Started the two egg/granite paintings in the studio by applying the resist. Finally! This was positive. And yet, keeping my fingers clean as I applied the resist I unconsciously wiped excess glue all over the legs of my new jeans, utterly ruining them. Moving on I started a watercolor of the broccoli stems image. Got a couple layers done and left it to come back to later. This is what I wanted, a few things going at once so I can dip in and out as time allows.

The weather seemed OK and plenty of day left so I drove to Sugarloaf Mountain with the goal of making an oil painting from the same area I did the little black and white study of Longs. Unfortunately Longs was completely socked in. Everywhere else the light was good, so after 15 minutes or so of wandering around I found a spot with a north view of the Twin Sisters through some trees and twisted dead branches. 30 minutes later the painting had a nice look, but over the subsequent 90 minutes it slowly deteriorated. Too much paint? Too much green? Everything was off. I was so frustrated I hardly cared when the wet face swiped a tree branch as I walked back to the car. Packing everything up I tossed it face-down in the gravel.

I'm a terrible artist. I literally cried on the drive home. Why can't I figure this out? It's not that hard. I just want these to be ordinary landscape paintings. Am I not working frequently enough? Not giving myself something to build on each time? Is it scale? Maybe I need more surface area to give my hand some room to maneuver, and give the things in the painting room to breathe. It's been an off-kilter few weeks but I need to figure this out.

Also realizing I spent too much time on Instagram last night comparing my work to Daniel Heidkamp's. He's in another league, but makes it look so easy. Not every painting is good but damn it makes me want to paint! The light and landscape out here are incredible. Everywhere I look I see paintings - bright, clear and deep. I just wish I had the skills to pull them off.

Total working time: ~ 3 hours