Back from California

Returned yesterday from a quick visit to California to help JB move. Seeing her and BK was a ton of fun, and after the schlep, activities abounded. I realized how much I missed them. So thankful we've stayed close despite our distant home cities. Her new situation is a step up and I am, as usual, happy and excited for her. God her work looks good! The surfaces are rich and interesting in person, something photos do not communicate. The best art always has this quality!


Hiked/ran Flagstaff Mountain, quite sore; happened upon a couple OSMP guys with a big telescope set up at Chautauqua, projecting Mercury transiting the sun onto a piece of paper. To know that we can see through the perfectly ordinary-looking, party sunny sky, hundreds of millions of miles distant and project the image of a planet passing in front of a star as a shadow the size of a pencil dot onto a piece of paper. Crazy.