White Ranch

Tough first day back. I spent too much time driving around, trying to avoid a pending storm which never really materialized. One of the original rules I set for myself is to have a location in mind before leaving the house. That has to hold true despite the fickle Spring/Summer weather. Ended up at White Ranch, just east of the Belcher Hill trail. A 12-inch wide slab of granite covered in a complex of lichens had dislodged, held flat against its parent outcrop by the slightest backward lean. How long has this been sitting here? How long has any stone sat, unperturbed by the elements, the animals or the growth of adjacent plants? Moreover, who cares? Why does this kind of natural detail still hold interest for me as a subject? The object-like quality, the near-infinite level of gnarled, aged surface detail strikes a contrast with how "lightly" these heavy rocks are found lying around the forest, as if crumbs on a table.

Work time: 1 hour.