6 x 9 4th Coat of Primer

That should do it. I have to touch up the edges but otherwise these 16 canvases are good to go. Going to visit my parents in Florida next week, after which I'll start in on some of the smaller ones. The big issue is which direction to take: a focus on Longs Peak and the local Rockies, a more intensive investigation of what I've been doing en plein air; or make a turn to do a body of work on the Dry Valleys.

I can picture each body of work, or at least understand what I want them to feel like. The Longs idea would be slightly more complicated, as I would make some of them outside and some of them inside. They would use both photos and observation. Locations could range from RMNP to just up the street. The idea is already halfway worked out as I have been working with this subject matter for a couple years now.

On the flip side, the Dry Valleys would be 100% studio bound. This simplifies things in terms of time management. Very straightforward. However, I don't have as good an understanding of how they will come to be, how the images I imagine will actually develop. Maybe the bigger issue is simply, do I want to go back to the Dry Valleys? With these intervening years I've realized I can imagine going there in pictures, in the mind, in the imagination, which is how this came back around. And it has to be mentioned, I saw a sign when E.O. Wilson mentioned the DV's on the back cover of his new book, Half-Earth. It was a seed, now it has sprouted some...