Elk Meadow

Drove to Evergreen after dropping the girls off at school. The sun was out like it was May. After a 30 minute run I painted three watercolors over the course of two hours, up the forested slope past the parking area off Stagecoach Road. The subject matter was basically just rocks and trees and their shadows. I could do this every week for a few hours and be happy. It's not ground-breaking but feels natural to me now. The one thing I haven't dialed in is posture and positioning relative to all my stuff. Georgie O'Keeffe got it right I think with the two pillows approach. She sat on one, in a sort of sidesaddle fashion, and placed the other next to her on the ground for her things. This seems right. A chair is ridiculous, and standing, with an easel and everything else, is overkill to me for small water media.