Sugarloaf Mountain

Took advantage of the great weather and scouted a new location for a view of Longs: Sugarloaf Mountain above Boulder. This place came as a surprise and worked out well. I took an hour's worth of photographs while hiking to the top. Half the hill is an old burn area with interesting dead trees. Looking at these trees I tripped over a rock and completely toppled over, banging my knee. WTF? The view of Longs from Sugarloaf is decent. I painted a view of the mountain through some trees for about an hour. The painting looks like it was made by a nine-year-old. Again, wtf? It was basically a value study, using black and a little white. The first layer was acrylic, an experiment that went just OK. I was hoping for more energy in the marks/puddles of paint, but I guess that requires a larger scale.

Next week we'll be in Frisco so I'm hoping to get another couple smaller paintings done up there. After which the weather is supposed to be in the high 60s so I'll start priming all the canvases back in the city.