Bear Peak Day Two

Dropped the girls off at school and hightailed it back to Boulder. Parked in the usual spot on Cherryvale and worked continuously for 90 minutes. The light was identical to yesterday but it was warmer overall. Bear had a melty look to it, the pitched slabs of it's lower parts no longer snow-covered. A van was parked 50 yards behind me, which later revealed itself as belonging to a group of runners doing laps up and down the road. They ran by my door at least five times. I didn't look up. Despite the awkward ergonomics of working on a 30 x 22 inch board while in a driver's seat, and ignoring the sun shining directly in my eyes and glaring across the surface of the paper, I felt focused the whole session and was happy with the result. Rare! Distractions are easier to manage without the burden of making decisions beyond actual painting.