Studio Especially Cozy

The snow finally arrived, about a foot overnight. It made working in the studio especially cozy. Finished rolling two older works and stretched another small canvas. That makes seven new stretched canvases, and two large ones that still need to be stretched (60 x 90 and 72 x 108). Plus the seven smaller stretchers coming from Dead Straight and I'll have 16 new paintings total. Will not prime these guys until the studio temp is above 50 degrees, per Golden. I'm thinking a lot about what these works will be, which is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. I realize I am open to the possibility that they will be complete failures. A new feeling, yet one that doesn't bother me too deeply.

What they need to be is everything. Meaning I need to piece together aspects of what I've done before, elevated by an overall feeling or tone that will be unique to these works. What comes to mind are several dualities that I want to keep foremost in mind: figure/ground, negative space /positive space, nature/"nurture (?)", observational/imaginary, large-scale/small-scale, near/far.

Also today: an hour of sorting through images for inspiration, lots of shoveling, and an hour on the sledding hill with H...