Un-stretched ... stretched

Un-stretched a few old paintings and stretched up new, yet-to-be-paintings. A few sizes in the pipeline, from 21 x 30 up to 72 x 108. The latter will have to wait as Meininger's doesn't carry canvas wide enough. Also waiting on seven smaller stretchers that haven't arrived yet. Also, notably, the un-stretched paintings each cracked after folding/rolling them for the trash. I know, I know, who can expect to fold a painting and not have it crack. But I inadvertently did just that on more than one occasion in the past with no cracking. It was something specific I used on these particular works, under the primer layers. It could have been a layer of GAC 100 or 200, or maybe even just PVA. Or was it Lascaux or Quiller brand gesso? I experimented with all of these acrylic products at the time, so any one of them could be the problem. In any event, lesson learned: stick to just one well-known thing between the canvas and the oil paint.

Snow has fallen nonstop since last night, but annoyingly the accumulation is just a couple inches, not the foot+ they were calling for. I measured the progress of the studio heater as the day went on. Over 7 hours, the studio went from 38 to 51 degrees.

The War on Drugs most recent album played a couple times on repeat as I worked (JB's recommendation).