Golden Gate Canyon

Returned to GGCSP again today, this time staying down in the canyon. Worked for about 60 minutes on two watercolors. This is the place. First of all no one is there. Being a Friday and temps in the 50s with full sun, only two cars at the first trailhead. Second, all the "things" I want to paint are just a few hundred yards from the parking lots. The vistas are humble but that's OK, it's the light and the textures I'm looking for at this point. If I can keep my restlessness in check, or funnel it into the compositions, I don't need to look any farther or waste any more time driving. I realized I can also get more out of these sessions if I do a bit more prep - premixing paint colors, and working on small paintings of rocks and branches at home first. Before heading back to the city I grabbed three football-size rocks with lichens on them to paint in the studio.

Also had the thought that paintings could be installed outdoors like interpretive signage, forming a path of some sort. Not necessarily landscapes. Portraits? Juxtaposition. Smithson...

Ran 3 miles up from the creek to City Lights Ridge. Great trail. Hope I can register for the Dirty 30 this year if my shin doesn't flare up again.