Golden Gate Canyon to Gap Road

Tuesday I drove up Golden Gate Canyon Road to CO-119, then back down Gap Road, going the full distance around GGC State Park. I made four watercolors along the way. It was low to mid-20's and windy, so all four paintings were made from the driver's seat. Mixed results, but it was more of an exploratory session. I was thinking about Daniel Heidkamp's work all day. Does he paint everything on the spot? Or save some for the studio? What is his set up like, his materials? I get wrapped up in an artist's work and become a subconscious copier of them. Is this a good thing? Heidkamp's self-guidance on where to paint is based on the feeling of "art energy" contained in a place.

Also picked up Art as Therapy by Alain Botton and John Armstrong. It has a radical feel to it, suggesting dealers be healers and art be read for what purpose it serves. Very pramatic and Richard Rorty-like in that way. I am a fan, although not sure how the making of my own work complies with their futuristic mandate.

Lastly I feel GGSP has major potential for me and this year's paintings. It has that "art energy" it-factor that Heidkamp (and myself) look for. It has all the criteria: variety, accessibility, and devoid of crowds. The character of the landscape is just what I've been looking for with easy to reach spots from the car. Do I have the patience to return several times for each painting? Will I get bored?